They Did make a monkey curry


Curated By Joost Declerq

The CAB is pleased to welcome the work of the Belgian artist living in Sri Lanka Saskia Pintelon (° 1945 Kortrijk). Saskia Pintelon accomplished her education in Sint- Lukas, Ghent in the turbulent sixties. She taught a few years at the Academy to allow her husband to complete his studies. At a young age they decided to settle permanently in Sri Lanka. It was the beginning of an interesting journey looking for identity, and the intrinsic meaning of everyday life. Saskia’s desire to understand finds its expression in countless paintings, drawings, collages, texts, sketchbooks and words. All of her works constantly balance between the western dedicated desire for progress and the timeless oriental mastery of being. For the exhibition at the CAB a selection was made from her most recent work. In parallel Saskia developed a series of paintings and collages. The paintings are based on observations of the purest natural phenomena, such as the formation of drops of water on concrete, in relation to the chemical processes on the pictorial canvas. The books with collages are a powerful and personal reinterpretation of ‘The Book of Faces’, a collection of Saskia’s earlier work, edited by her daughter Isolde.